The Companion's Memoirs

((Just created another Firefly fan out of a coworker. Now I miss the group…))

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((….captmalcolmreynolds-serenity is now a taken URL again….and there’s a password….and now….I really need to know what it is…))

Anonymous asked: By "those" you mean Mal mun :( Does anyone know how Eric is?

((No, I mean the original group that started the first Firefly RP. The one I applied for to play Inara. Others since then have helped, but those first few can share most of that credit ;)  And no, last I talked to him he was okay, going to regular check ups, almost done with meds. Then POOF. Gmail account was gone, no response, no contact, nothing. So. Not sure.))

Anonymous asked: Are you ever coming back?

((Not sure, ‘nonny. I still check in on here every now and then, but the group has all but disbanded and it feels weird playing Inara without those who helped me get into her. I mean, I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I’d have to have a good reason/writing partner. Most of my creative writing happens on my other blogs now (bloodylittleberserker and dancerintheskies).))

((*pops in because she’s missing Inara a little*))

((…does anyone know what happened to Eric? Again?…))

*((Also…baby Washburne has my name. Be jealous.))