The Companion's Memoirs

nevertaketheskyfrommel asked: "You still wantin' to fly with us low down crooks, 'Nara?"

"That depends largely on where you ‘low down crooks’ intend on flying," she said, hint of a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. "But, as a whole, I might be willing to admit that is my intent, yes."

— Inara Serra - semi selective, experienced RPer

So, I’ve been away for a while, but I’d like to get back into the swing of things. That being said, I need some people to write with! So, if you’re thinking about joining me for some literary goodness, send me a message!

  • 10+ years RPing experience
  • Semi-selective (I’m friendly, I swear)
  • Prefer multi-para threads, but will do shorter things for funsies
  • Prefer to stay in the Firefly ‘verse, but not opposed to others 
  • Very open to plotting/ooc chatting and figuring things out

So, if you’re interested, let me  know!

((*pouts over missing crew and remaining crew and tries to come up with thread ideas*))

((Man. I’m seriously considering writing on here again. I mean, it won’t be the same without the group, but I do miss Inara and y’all have done a good job about making me feel I write her well.

Would anyone be interested in some threads, were I to be active on here again?))

Anonymous asked: I really love the Mal/Inara thread. Kudos to you two for creating those characters with such perfection. Kinda wish I'd gotten to know how it ended though :/

((Sigh. You and me both, ‘nonny. You and me both. For some spoilers, though, there was a thread in the works that brought in Inara’s disease. We’d planned on—perhaps—introducing a child who inherits the disease, and throwing that their way. I never got to run it by Mal-mun, though. But there was much angst in their future as they tried to settle into a relationship in the midst of a threatening second rebellion. There was also much joy as they allowed themselves to love each other, finally. Essentially, it was going to be even better than what we’d managed to get out before Mal-mun vanished. And thank you for the lovey compliment! I can only assume this is another redirect from webuiltthepyramids. (Thanks, you!) ))

((Just created another Firefly fan out of a coworker. Now I miss the group…))

((….captmalcolmreynolds-serenity is now a taken URL again….and there’s a password….and now….I really need to know what it is…))

Anonymous asked: By "those" you mean Mal mun :( Does anyone know how Eric is?

((No, I mean the original group that started the first Firefly RP. The one I applied for to play Inara. Others since then have helped, but those first few can share most of that credit ;)  And no, last I talked to him he was okay, going to regular check ups, almost done with meds. Then POOF. Gmail account was gone, no response, no contact, nothing. So. Not sure.))